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About Me

Jo and Alpaca

My frustrations with fashion and clothing began at a very early age. 
In my formative years, hand-me-down clothes were the bulk of my wardrobe. I was constrained to wear ill-fitting, unflattering, and definitely not stylish clothing. 
I felt dumpy, frumpy, colorless and beige. I was hidden. The clothing was miles too long on my 5 foot frame and often hung down to my ankles. 
I began crying in desperation "I look like a Pygmy standing in a Ditch!"
When the full pleated, brown and grey plaid, full length skirts were cut off and hemmed; the pleats, bereft of the weight, stuck straight out from my waist.  "Now I look like a Pumpkin! AN UGLY, PLAID, DRAB PUMPKIN!!!"
And so it went, UNTIL, one day, when I was 16 years old, my world changed. I I learned to sew! I felt like Dorothy, who had been living in black and white, finally woke up in Oz, a land full of color and texture and dreams!
No longer did I have to go out in the world dressed as someone else. I could explore the possibilities, try on different styles and adjust them to suit me. I was beginning to discover who I was. What fun, what freedom!
But like most of us, it becomes way too easy to loose yourself in our humdrum, everyday, work-a-world life.  Clothing becomes more of a uniform than a means of self-expression.
Blending in is the new norm and dressing up for special occasions are few and far between. I found myself caught back in that same pit of despair I had experienced earlier in my life. 
I began searching for answers. I studied and certified in various fashion and color analysis programs.  I designed and created several 10 piece fashion collections and had them styled for runway shows looking for feedback from the women who came.
I began hosting trunk shows to listen to what women were saying about their current frustrations with clothes and how they felt wearing them.  Like pieces of a puzzle, things started to make sense. It was right there all along like Dorothy's red slippers!
Women are frustrated because they are not cut from the same cloth. 
You and I are as unique and different as our fingerprints.
In all the world, there will never be another human being like you. You are an original, a one-of-a-kind; not a knockoff, nor a reproduction, not made from a mould, but Divinely Designed. 
Wearing the same off-the-rack fashions as everyone else is less than satisfying.  These mass-produced, poor quality fashions have reduced personal style and self expression down to a throw away commodity of nothing special.
Being fashionable is not being on trend. It's more about attitude, about showing up everyday saying: "Here I am! I'm an original! I've got something to say!" only without saying a word. 
You deserve fun, eye-catching fashions that are as unique as your heart beat, that feeds your soul, and makes YOU stand out in a world full of beige

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